Monday, August 8, 2011

Totalitarianism Becomes Benevolent

Totalitarianism is crude force and inhuman treatment of men. We conjure mental pictures of the Spanish Inquisition and concentration camps of World War II and their disease and starvation.
Americans imagine the inhumanity of Japanese and German concentration camps of World War II. But the book Other Losses by James Bacque reveals how German prisoners at the end of World War II were put in American concentration camps run by allied commanders and subjected to disease and starvation.
The human population is composed of two personality types. The masses are the worker bees, and a small minority are human parasites who live off the masses through deception and manipulation.
The political and social order is the creation of evil men from which and through which greater humanity is ruled. Most, but not all, politicians work behind masks. They speak in a seductive language and manipulate the minds of the people who vote for them. The ruling elite highly favor deceptive politicians who think nothing of selling their souls for money.
Since only a very small number is comprised of the ruling elite and their obedient lackeys, they must rule with deceit and from sanctuaries of privilege, out of sight, like the city of London. (See Empire of the City by E.C. Knuth.)
When the elite rulers walk among us, they do so under disguises and complicated cloaks. However, students of the World Order have detected over the years that the esoteric is revealed to the discerning in signs and symbols.
These signs and symbols portray innocence and even benevolence to the public, but they operate on a dual or hidden agenda, i.e., deception.
The goals of the ruling elite never change in thousands of years. They always despise the millions of people they rule over. Though they rule with outward pomp and circumstance, inward they are “raving wolves.” They have no empathy for human beings. They think nothing of killing 10 million people in phony wars under the pretense of patriotism.
But problems arise in our time. People are waking up. News travels with lightning speed across the Internet and other media. Even the most naive among us are waking up. Lo and behold, government and politicians are becoming suspect. Simple logic comes to the public mind that the parasites who rule over us produce nothing but paper money.
They have to rule by deception backed by police power. Even the most advanced and sophisticated deception in history, the confidence in government and politicians, continues to deteriorate.
The deterioration of the confidence index is not so visible except in the suppression of the dollar price of silver and gold. But government is fully alert to the malignant decay of public confidence and growing distrust. Government response is government suppression calculated to raise the fear index.
As fiat paper money collapses toward worthlessness, austerity from government and the political order covers the land. Tyranny reigns.
Politicians and the Federal judiciary sanction widespread and open oppression. Confiscation of private wealth becomes rampant and visible.
The rule of law is gone in all but name. The people finally begin to see that theft is theft and that they are the victims. At last, they see that the political order and its supporting “legal system” are organized crime, and they are staring it in the face. “Behold, the enemy is us!”
Have we finally defeated and exposed the elite? Will this small number of evil men give up their despotic rule of the ages? Not at all! They simply shift gears into a new totalitarianism, a new and more sinister despotism.
Their new agenda is a most satanic and deceptive “benevolency.” They now seize upon the human proclivity to confuse cause and effect. The elite cult simply reverts to its age-old alchemy. Haven’t we noticed the rise of the pharmaceutical empire?
Under the pretense and paraphernalia of medical research and “healthcare,” the elite and their deceived political and “legal” order impose a new tyranny.
The public is very easily deceived into servitude, its mind seduced to confuse cause and effect.
For example, the public has been sold on the efficacy of vaccination and inoculations. Twenty years down the road, they don’t associate heart disease with the vaccinations or inoculations. Instead, heart disease is described in medical literature as a result of a “buildup of plaque” in the arteries or other causes.
The elite and their stooge propagandists have never through the ages wavered from their basic agenda of population control.
Of course, they do it at a profit through “healthcare,” but they also believe that they have to kill off multimillions of human beings in order to preserve the Earth and rule over the world for themselves.
Wars have become unpopular as the ruse of patriotism has become an obvious fraud. Even the latest sham, “The War on Terror,” has worn thin.
But there is that pharmaceutical ace that controls the population by confusing cause and effect. The human mind simply cannot deal with delayed cause and effect. We accept things at face value and do not accept the complexities and complications of time. If a cause does not have an immediate effect, the train of thought is lost with time.
Another concept of the elite is that an indirect cause will seldom be detected. An example would be QE1 and QE2. This refers to money printing by the Federal Reserve, but it’s never called that. They would never use the term “money printing.”
As we have written to you many times, money printing destroys U.S. dollar savings and retirements.
When the American people look at their dollar savings accounts or their retirement funds, they see the same numbers over and over, never realizing that those same numbers represent less and less purchasing power.
In other words, money printing under any pretense is a ruse of impoverishment for all savers and the middle class.
It is mind-boggling how few people understand what is happening to their money. All farmers know that if someone keeps pouring water in the milk, soon there is only water left.
The people who see that the purchasing power of their paper money is collapsing are going to the Swiss franc as fast as possible, while it is still legal to do so. For a free Swiss franc annuity information packet, write to: P.O. Box F42657, Freeport, Grand Bahamas, Bahamas 99999 or call 1-242-353-4261.

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