Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama 'Systematically Destroying Our Liberties'

President Barack Obama is the most dangerous president of modern times, intent on turning the country into a second-rate power because “he basically despises America,” conservative activist and author David Horowitz tells Newsmax.TV.

Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Students for Academic Freedom. The author of the recent book, “A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next,” Horowitz said: “We are in a battle for the survival of this country.”

When he talks about the political left in America, Horowitz speaks from an experience most conservative experts lack. He was one of the founders of the New Left in the 1960s and an editor of its largest magazine, Ramparts.

He co-wrote wrote “Destructive Generation,” a chronicle of his second thoughts about the 60s that has been compared to Whittaker Chambers’ classic “Witness” and other works documenting a break from extremism. Horowitz also detailed his odyssey from “red-diaper baby” to conservative activist in the memoir “Radical Son.”

“For me when I look at it I think the outcome is uncertain,” he said. “The left, what I will call the neo-communist left, is really the Democratic Party … the vision of that party is socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-individualist and it’s got us on a course that (is) already bankrupting our country.”

Obama is a radical of his (Horowitz’s) generation and actually is a product of the worst part of the 1960s, he said. Obama was a close political ally of 1960s radical and later education professor Bill Ayers, who Horowitz knows very well given his own background as a former leader in the New Left.

“I don’t think Obama cares about this country and I think he is intent on bankrupting it and diminishing our military to the point where we are a second-rate power,” he said. “He is already the most dangerous president we’ve had in modern times.”

Horowitz charged that Obama has surrendered the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“There will be a war there soon and he’s responsible and that’s because he basically despises America and wants us to lose in these global conflicts,” he said.

Horowitz also believes that American exceptionalism is in danger under Obama.

“We are a unique country,” he said. “The left under Obama is destroying that uniqueness. The Obamacare is not even a disguised plan to turn this into a socialist country and make everyone a dependent of the state. In history we are really unique where we have been a nation of individualists, distrustful of government, jealous of our liberty, and the Obamaites are systemically destroying our liberties.”

Horowitz said his most recent book, “A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next,” came about because he has “reached that point in life where you get to look back and see what it was.”

“I had a bout with prostate cancer about ten years ago and that focused me on my mortality,” he said. “A point in time refers to all of us that in the eye of eternity we’re not even an eye blink. We are all going to disappear and that presents us with what you might call an existential problem, which is does it all add up, is there any sense to all this. And that’s the question that the book addresses.”

The self-proclaimed agnostic said he chose to write about mortality because he “was slammed up against my own mortality. And when that happens you have to focus on it a bit . . . If you are to go about thinking every minute of every day that you’re going to disappear and be forgotten it would paralyze you.

“So we live inside stories that have no end. We say things like; I’ll never forget you, which is obviously a lie . . . You look to the future as though the future is going to remember this present. So that presents us all with a problem and we solve that problem in two different ways, which is the real heart of this book, how we solve that problem.”

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