Saturday, August 13, 2011


My email box has been flooded with what reveals to be a growth in national rage and attempts to do something to get our country back. I have read of the upcoming Birther summit, launched by concerned citizen Dean Haskins. Lots of folks are signing up for this in Washington D.C. on March 11, 2012. It will showcase many speakers and national leaders most concerned about the eligibility of our President, Barack Hussein Obama. It is great to see more and more people wake up to this living nightmare, mostly ignored by our sold out and cowardly media. Few have had anything at all to say in the House, Senate, those running for Presidential nominations and our media about the forgery of a birth certificate showed to the American people and the world on April 27th 2011. The people are increasingly awake on this issue. I have been screaming about this on air and in print for years!
There is another bold plan of action thrown out to the people by Larry Klayman He is calling on peaceful, civil disobedience to remove democrat and republican leaders on September 17, 2011. These include President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Majority leader Eric Canter, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Klayman states:
“All political persuasions must now unite for the good of nation, go to Washington and,Ghandi style, use ‘civil disobedience’ to have them removed. They cannot be removed through impeachment, since the establishment, right, left and center, will protect itself. Short of violent revolt, which I do not advocate, this is the only means to ‘disinfest’ our nation of these ‘leaders’ who are taking the nation down the primrose path of destruction. We cannot wait until the 2012 elections, as time is short as the nation sinks further into an abyss. I therefore call for all concerned Americans to join the ‘Assault on Washington’ beginning on September 17, 2011, and throughout the week. Fittingly, this is Constitution Week! Further announcements will be made to organize this.”
Pollster Pat Caddell has commented that the national attitude has been growing in rage and is even ‘pre revolutionary.’ Also, just yesterday on my radio show, Frank Salvato of reminded us that the Tea Party conservatives out number liberal progressives, two to one and are growing.
It is not surprising that Axelrod, Senator Kerry, Howard Dean along with other Obama worshippers blame the Tea Party for the historical downgrade in credit and the related stock market crash the last several days. That not only does not pass the laugh test but is like saying that the Firefighters are to blame for requiring that folks leave the burning building so they can save lives! I pray that America has finally awakened to the ‘Chicago style politics’ and Rules for Radicals blame fest that Obama and the progressives use. It will only get worse between now and 2012.
My gut level concern and warning to all involved in any civil disobedience, marches, protests and Tea Party events: Make sure you remind and train your people and participants who you are dealing with and ways to protect your events. Expect plants and those who will set you up to appear as racists, violent law breakers and dangers to the country. Have cell phone cameras everywhere and take tons of pictures and video. Have volunteer security everywhere as well for all your sakes.
As anger builds and more events are planned, know that you all will be in Obama and the progressive cross hairs. He needs to create and build enemies. DON’T GIVE HIM ANY VIOLENCE OR LAW BREAKING BEHAVIOR TO WORK WITH AT ALL! Cover your backsides with cameras, videos and security everywhere. There will be plants.
Along with civil disobedience what else can we do?
The Mid Term elections started the unseating of Progressive leftists in power, now I predict the 2012 election will take it all the way home and start the bold healing of our country. Larry Klayman is a great patriot but I disagree with him that the 2012 elections are ‘too late.’ Yes, we must do what we can to speak the real issues now and make a stand where we can, but also, we as a country ALL must vote this time, not just 60% of us.
We must vote for real people who will actually put our country back on track and lead. Right now, the battle lines are being drawn and we are finding out over the next few months who will be taking on Obama and winning. Vote your conscience and tell ten friends to do the same. I am running as an outsider with a real love and vision for my country Let’s bring in a peaceful revolution. Join the Roth revolution at I can do this with ‘the people’s help.

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