Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obama’s Fabrications Taint His Presidency

Since he began campaigning for president, Barack Obama has claimed that because his mother had a pre-existing condition, she died of cancer without health insurance coverage.

As it turns out, that was a pure invention to win support for passage of his healthcare legislation. So too was Obama’s claim that he watched at his mother’s side as she suffered the disease without being insured.

Obama's mother,Ann Dunham,cancer treatments,Janny Scott,A Singular Woman,Jeremiah Wright, McKinsey & Co.,McConnell,Boehner
“I remember just being heartbroken,” he said in a 2007 campaign appearance, “seeing her struggle.”

According to correspondence unearthed by Janny Scott, a New York Times writer and author of the book “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother,” Ann Dunham’s cancer treatments were fully covered by her employer’s insurance policy. She was turned down for disability insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

Moreover, Obama had not seen his mother for months when she died in a Honolulu hospital in 1995, according to Scott’s book and to friends interviewed by The Washington Post. Her son was in Chicago, planning a run for an Illinois state Senate seat. He did not go to see his mother until a day after she died on Nov. 7, 1995.

A White House spokesman did not dispute Scott’s account. He said that Obama’s mother still had several hundred dollars a month in medical expenses that were not covered, as if any health insurance policy would pay 100 percent of medical bills.

He added that Obama “has told this story based on his recollection of
Obama's mother,Ann Dunham,cancer treatments,Janny Scott,A Singular Woman,Jeremiah Wright, McKinsey & Co.,McConnell,Boehner
The future president with his mother, Ann Dunham
(AP photo)
events that took place more than 15 years ago.”

That excuse is as credible as Obama’s claim that he had no idea his minister and self-described mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., was an anti-white anti-America, anti-Israel hatemonger.

As noted in my article "Obama Distorted Rev. Wright’s Background," Obama went on to make up stories about how deprived and discriminated against Wright was while growing up in Philadelphia.

In fact, Wright grew up in a comfortable middle class family in a racially mixed neighborhood. He attended Central High, an elite school that admits only the most qualified students from all over the city. But the press bought every word of Obama’s Wright mythology.

What kind of a person would make up stories about his mother in order to score political points? The same person who would tell the American people that he wants to cut spending when he has presided over an increase in the federal debt from 53 percent of GDP in 2009 to 72 percent this year.

In February, that same person presented Congress with a budget that increases federal debt by $10 trillion over the next decade. In April, that person rejected Republican efforts to raise the debt ceiling in return for spending cuts.

Now Obama is claiming he wants spending cuts, but he will not specify which ones beyond a pathetic $2 billion.

The disparity between Obama’s words and his actions goes back to the healthcare bill. He claimed no one would lose their existing coverage. It turns out that was more hocus-pocus. A McKinsey & Co. survey found that nearly a third of private-sector employers say they will discontinue covering their employees with health insurance because of the rising cost imposed by Obama’s healthcare legislation.

One reason for the increased cost is the requirement that health insurers cover everyone regardless of whether they have a pre-existing condition. That is like allowing drivers to go without car insurance and then letting them sign up for it to pay for an accident that has already occurred. The rest of the country foots the bill.

In addressing the nation’s scary increased debt, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has accused Obama of engaging in smoke and mirrors. Dealing with Obama is like negotiating with Jell-O, House Speaker John Boehner has said.

Looking at Obama’s fabrications about his mother’s illness, we can see why.

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