Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael Reagan: Dad's Still Waiting for Democratic Spending Cuts

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael is countering the claims a Democratic advertisement makes in using The Gipper’s own words to attack Republicans over the debt ceiling fight.

“When my father was president, the Democrats promised him $3 in spending cuts for every dollar of new taxes,” said Reagan, a Republican strategist who is spokesman for The Reagan Nation and chairman and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation.

“When my father died in 2004, he was still waiting for the spending cuts.”

The younger Reagan’s criticism is in response to a Democratic commercial that features a 45-second clip from a radio address President Reagan gave nearly a quarter-century ago.

President Reagan is heard saying, “Congress consistently brings the government to the edge of default before facing its responsibility,” and warns of rising interest raids, unpaid Social Security and veterans’ benefits, and turmoil in financial markets if the debt limit is not raised.

“The United States has a special responsibility to itself and the world to meet its obligations,” the 40th president adds in the speech from September 1987. The commercial ends with the words “That’s an Adult Moment,” flashing across a picture of Reagan standing in front of an American flag.

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