Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smalltime Big Government

Across America it seems chaos and government oppression are the new order.
Violent mobs are gathering in cities large and small and looting stores and terrorizing communities and theme parks. Thieves are stealing air conditioners from churches and schools, manhole covers from streets, copper from electrical substations, street signs from city roads and hay from petting zoos. Home and automobile burglaries are being reported in increasing numbers.
Local police officers are becoming more militarized and more dangerous and oppressive, arresting people for photographing landmarks and detaining them for taking video of trains, train stations, public buildings and interactions with public figures. When serving warrants, no longer do officers knock on the door and give the subject of the warrant an opportunity to comply. The new normal is to crash through the door with guns drawn, prepared to shoot anything that moves, according to a report by the Cato Institute.
The health police have run amuck. In Detroit, a woman had her daughter taken away by a SWAT team because she decided the treatment a doctor had prescribed was doing more harm than good. It took more than a month for the courts to overturn the actions by the Michigan Department of Human Services and release the daughter from the “protective custody” that resulted in her being sexually assaulted, according to an attorney representing the girl.
In 2009, during the run-up to passage of Obamacare — a proposal that more than 60 percent of Americans opposed at the time — Congress ignored its rules of procedure and mocked opponents who gathered outside the Capitol building protesting. Congress, which is supposed to represent the will of the people, instead represents its own interests and those of the corporations that fill campaign coffers.
Even now — in negotiation over raising the debt ceiling by imposing higher taxes rather than making significant spending cuts — it is opposing the will of Americans who elected a Republican majority in the House hoping to see reduced spending in Washington.
The effect of the battle in Washington, which has nothing to do with doing what is right for America and everything to do with enriching and entrenching the political elites and their cronies, is trickling down to local government. For while the Federal government has long been a thugocracy, now we are seeing the thugocracy metastasize like a cancer.
In Quartzite, Ariz., city council members had police wrest the microphone from a woman who had been given the floor. Jennifer “Jade” Jones, a gadfly described as a blogger and vocal critic of local government, was apparently bringing up subjects the council didn’t want to hear. Or didn’t want the public to hear.
After a video went viral that showed the fascist police officers obeying their SS superiors on the council — and ignoring Mayor Ed Foster’s demands to let Jones speak — Police Chief Jeff Gilbert encouraged the council to declare a state of emergency. They did so following a closed meeting that some believe violated the State’s open meetings laws.
Things are apparently just as bad in Gould, Ark., where the city council has decided the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply.
A new ordinance passed there bans the Gould Citizens Advisory Council from doing business in Gould because it “is, in effect, causing confusion and discourse among the citizens of Gould and as a result is contributing to the friction not only between the Mayor and Council but also among the citizens who deserve a cooperative government. Also no new organizations shall be allowed to exist in the City of Gould without approval from a majority of the City Council,” according to the ordinance.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Dean John Pippa told Fox16: “I couldn’t believe that it was real when I first read it. The truth is, the city of Gould doesn’t have the authority to tell anyone that they have no right to petition them, no right to speak and no right to exist in their city.”
“That’s why you have a higher court,” Council member Sonja Farley told Fox16. “To keep order when people can’t keep order. That’s why you have a council.”
But now that council, according to its own ordinance, can’t lawfully meet and discuss city business with the citizens it supposedly represents.
Not even little girls or home gardeners are safe from the new thugocracy. In Midway, Ga., police put an end to a lemonade stand being run by three girls who were trying to earn money for a trip to a water park. The reason: They didn’t have a business license or the required permits (which would cost $50 per day or $180 per year).
Police chief Kelly Morningstar said police didn’t know how the lemonade was made, who made it or what was in it.
In Oak Park, Mich., Julie Bass faced jail time for growing vegetables in planters in her front yard. Vegetables are not considered suitable, live, plant material under the city’s code. A judge dismissed the charges; but then the city, in an obvious case of piling on, cited her for not having licenses for her two dogs that live inside her house.
The elected elites and bureaucrats occupying the halls of government no longer represent the people. They represent themselves and those who can give them the biggest favors.
In Alabama, some current and former legislators, lobbyists and two gambling magnates are on trial on bribery-related charges. The lobbyists, who agreed to testify as part of their guilty pleas, have described how they promised campaign cash, do-nothing jobs and other favors at the behest of the gambling magnates to legislators in exchange for support for a pro-gambling bill the gambling bosses supported.
Cash and favors in exchange for legislation are being portrayed by defense attorneys as standard operating procedure in Alabama. That’s certainly the case in Jefferson County, Ala., where a number of county commissioners and county bureaucrats are serving sentences for corruption relating to financial shenanigans with big banksters that have left the county on the brink of filing the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history. Unfortunately, it seems none of the banksters will ever see the inside of a jail cell.
Governments hate freedom. But the laws they pass to “keep order” only create more chaos. It’s happening right now on a Federal level, where government and Federal Reserve policies have created an entitlement mentality, bubbles and busts leading to high unemployment, default, currency collapse, uncertainty and chaos.
In Washington, in Alabama, in Quartzite and Gould, and in towns and cities across the country, governments are ignoring Americans and creating more chaos, unrest and unhappiness. In response, citizens grow increasingly unruly. Many begin doing things they never would have considered before.
Gerald Celente was correct when he said: “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”
We’ve already seen chaos in Europe and the Middle East. With rampant, long-term unemployment — the government’s skewed unemployment numbers show overall unemployment at 9.2 percent, but the rate is 16.2 percent for blacks — the loss of homes through foreclosure and class warfare being stirred up by politicians, is it any wonder that chaos is becoming the new normal?

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