Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner Gives Tea Partyers Tongue Lashing

House Speaker John Boehner admonished Republicans and tea party conservatives alike to “fall in line” and back his plan for legislation that would at once ease the debt crisis and hopefully appease Democrats.

All his posturing might go unheeded, however, as up to 20 Republicans (including fresh tea party faces from the 2010 midterm elections) announced they would oppose his latest effort, The Washington Post reported.

Congressional analysts estimate Boehner’s plan will slash $917 billion in spending cuts from the budget — up from his initial legislation which would have cut an estimated $850 billion. Boehner has reworked his plan furiously to abide by the GOP’s pledge to cut spending as much as the debt ceiling would be increased.
Speaker John Boehner lashes out at tea party conservatives.

But Boehner faces more than just tea party woes. Across the aisle, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid opposes Boehner’s two-step plan, which would only permit expanding the debt ceiling for some months; another vote would be necessary in early 2012. Reid vowed that Boehner’s plan would be altered if it came across his desk, the Post reports.

For their part, Reid and Democrats want a more permanent raise to the debt ceiling, enough to cover spending though 2013.

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