Sunday, July 3, 2011

NYT’s David Carr and weasel Bill Maher think most of America are stupid and have “low-sloping” foreheads”

I didn’t see this exchange live because I absolutely HATE Bill Maher and refuse to watch his show….I think he’s a pathetic lost soul…with a little evil thrown in.  I ran across this story on Real Clear Politics.  It left me speechless.  Please watch the video clip here (I can’t get the video embedded).  The two idiotic lefty elitists are yucking it up over what Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey and in the course of the conversation, Bill Maher says that states like Alabama and Kansas are stupid but he can’t understand why New Jersey (a smart state) allows Chris Christie to continue  moving the state to the right.  David Carr (of the New York Times) goes on to say that people from Kansas and Missouri have “low-sloping” foreheads.  I assume this means that they are stupid (I’ve never heard this phrase before).
Well, well….this is what we are dealing with in the 2012 election.  I was livid after watching the clip but then I started to laugh.  They are doing us a HUGE favor.  If these bozo’s continue saying things like this about the American people, it doesn’t matter who the GOP nominee is….people are going to vote against the left just because they are pissed off.  It’s a free GOP campaign ad.
Wake up America. 
This is the left.
These are the progressives.
This is the Democratic Party.

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