Friday, July 1, 2011


While we find ourselves stuck in the ‘election Disneyland’ primary rides, some folks are screaming, some are fainting with fear, many are puking and others watch from the sides. We have only just begun the election madness on all sides and see the theatre of the absurd while other critical things unfold before our distracted eyes.
While Obama promises the world and emases more money from known and ‘mystery’ donors, it is easy not to notice endless elephants running through the living room destroying everything in site. While the Middle East continues to melt down and leadership gets challenged by internal and more radically funded and organized groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran flexes its muscle and flips off the West and Israel.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired off 14 missiles this week that can strike targets in the U.S. and all of Israel. Naturally, we heard one of their leaders, Brigadier General Amir Hajizadeh, state that Europe was completely safe. These weren’t for them but rather they were simply to provide a ‘defense’ against Israel and America. You know….because we have forces in the gulf.
Iran’s missiles are not small fry. They can travel a range of 1,250 miles and others can travel 2,000 miles. We all know that Iran’s missile program is a huge part of their bold and defiant goal to launch nuclear weapons, where they can easily strike the U.S. and Israel.
Naturally, Tehran denies all this, in fact they are playing politically correct in their lying statements. They said that their latest exercise was really a ‘message of peace and friendship.’ Isn’t that special? Were they studying our politically correct ‘stuck on stupid crowd’ Jimmy Carter, unemployed movie stars and media here? We all know that shooting off missiles and planning to attach nuclear weapons to them, per their own words over the years, is about peace and kindness. I feel the love, don’t you? I’m a little distracted by the body parts and blood in Israel and the US but oh….the friendship of it all.
Some say that by August Iran will have Nuclear capability. The threats to Israel and the west have been in place for several years. While the threats have leaked out here and there from the Madi seeking mouth of Ahmadinejad, they play the Saul Alinsky play book of distraction so the UN, Israel and U.S. stay out of their face. It seems to be working beautifully with Obama.
The UN, America and Israel knows that Ahmadinejad has a terrorist past and has threatened us all, but pretends that he won’t be a danger once the nuclear path is secure and complete. The whole time we have looked the other way, Iran has morphed dramatically closer to becoming nuclear and completing their attack strategy. How beautiful for Ahmadinejad. ‘While the west is attacking in Libya and election madness is building, media and leaders aren’t looking at me, my evil plans and nuclear development.’
Is Ahmadinejad simply exercising his sovereign rights as the leader of his country? I would normally say yes, except for his terrorist, kidnapping, and torturing past. Then there are his chronic and continuous threats to the west and Israel with demonstrated insanity and out of touch reality. Remember, he has hosted international conferences with many speakers talking of how the Holocaust never happened and the Jews were never murdered by the Nazis in WW11. Never mind the hundreds of thousands of witnesses who were there, many still alive, some of whom I have talked to myself.
Ahmadinejad, is an anti-Semitic, Christian and freedom hating Islamic who dreams of the Madi coming out of the well and he knows this can’t happen until an end of days battle. He believes he is the conduit and method for that happening. No danger here letting him go nuclear. It’s all about friendship and providing energy.
My one suggestion for Ammedinajad is that he jump in the well and wait for the Madi to come out. My other suggestion is for American to wake up and us put a real leader in the White House who will get away from the mirror and actually defend us.

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