Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ignored Seniors Can Win 2012 White House for GOP

President Barack Obama has ignored the concerns of senior citizens because his only interest is “gaining absolute power over government,” a position that could hurt him in 2012, legendary singer and seniors advocate Pat Boone tells Newsmax.TV.

The spokesman for the 60 Plus Association and recent recipient of the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Lifetime Achievement Award said the senior vote could swing the election in 2012. “I think if seniors all get exercised, we do have enough votes to make the difference,” he said.

“I don’t think President Obama has really taken seniors much into account,” he explained. “But still he has an agenda, a political agenda, and he is only interested in gaining absolute power over government. He wants it to be a one-party nation.

“He wants to get Democrats [and] unions so entrenched, and he’s buying their vote, that no other party will have a chance. They’re even saying we cannot lose because we’ve got the unions, we’ve got Hispanics, we’ve got African-Americans in our pocket so nobody can beat us. That’s what they’re looking for and if seniors get hurt along the way then so be it.”

Boone said that he, along with 60 Plus, often described as the conservative alternative to the AARP, is doing everything he can to swing senior citizens to the GOP column.

“We’ve been around long enough to be able count, we can add two and two and we’ve got common sense, we know, no rational person can think that you can decrease debt by adding trillions of dollars to it,” he said. “It makes no sense whatsoever. And we want to make sure that all seniors realize that Paul Ryan’s plan with not take anything away from seniors that we paid for all these years. We will get every last benefit. However, President Obama said he will take $500 billion out of Medicare over the next 10 years. Now he said he can find that much in waste and fraud. We think that’s going to mean a lot less care for fewer people.”

Boone said if he was running for office he would tell seniors what he often tells himself.

“Let’s do what’s right for the country,” he said. “We seniors have been through several times when we were called on to sacrifice. We can do it. … If it’s good for the country we’ll help our neighbors, we’ll help the more elderly, we’ll help the infirm, we’ll help the hungry, but we can only spend what we have. And we cannot say we have more by simply printing more paper with nothing to back it. … We’ve got common sense, we’ve got to regain control and elect people that will control the government in a good common-sense way.”

On other issues, Boone said:
  • That the government is currently bringing in $200 billion a month in revenue, and “if we can’t take care of our Social Security and other needs and commitments with $200 billion a month then that tells us what the problem is.”
  • If he had to choose a GOP presidential ticket now, he would pick Texas Gov. Rick Perry and either Rep. Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain as a running mate “because either one will knock a huge hole in what Mr. Obama thinks is his guaranteed support.”
  • The Fats Domino tune “Ain’t That a Shame” would be the perfect anthem for the Obama administration. The song was a million seller for both Domino and Boone, who covered it. During the interview, Boone sang a slightly edited version of the song. “You made us cry, when you told those lies, ain’t that a shame,” he warbled.

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