Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Battle for Talk Radio:

Newsmax Cover The enemies of talk radio are firmly in control of the White House and Congress. Sen. Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats are promising an all-out attack on talk radio.  
With a new "Fairness Doctrine" backed by an Obama White House, political talk, as we know it, will end.
If these forces of darkness win, Rush, Imus, Hannity, Savage, Beck, and dozens of other major hosts will be muzzled by using federal regulations to control political talk.
So, what's their plan of attack?
As Newsmax magazine reveals in its special report, "The Battle for Talk Radio," leading liberals in Congress, the Democratic presidential candidates, and even some Republicans speak openly of their plans to end conservative talk radio using federal regulations.
Their weapon: a revived Fairness Doctrine, which would once again require stations to air divergent points of view — a clever ruse that makes station owners leery of airing controversial talk-radio hosts fearing law suits and federal sanctions.
With a new Fairness Doctrine, you could see many top conservative radio hosts canned.
This Newsmax special report also features an exclusive interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly who tells Newsmax there is no question a plan is being hatched. "The far-left kooks will try, but they will fail," O'Reilly says.

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