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President Obama shows his true feelings with the latest US Middle East policy pronouncement: that Israel should surrender land won in war and fall back to borders that are not able to be defended. This policy statement is in line with Obama’s decision to not stop the upcoming UN call for the formal creation of a Palestinian state. Therefore, after all the promises to Israel and US security pledges, after all the Arab treaty violations, after unilaterally giving back Gaza, after all the Israeli deaths and casualties, after all the bombings, the bloodshed, the terror, the angst, the United States is sticking its knife deep into its “friends” back.
Only “friends” can hurt you like America is hurting Israel. And, as the old saying goes, “With a ‘friend’ like this, you don’t need enemies.” You might think this a ludicrous statement; however a clear look at history will show it to be true.
Anti-Semitism is alive and well
A deep seeded and abiding feeling of Anti-Semitism is felt by most of western civilization. Anti-Semitism is very old, often subliminal but very real, is active, and takes many forms.
While “sticks and stones” accost Jews continually, the most damaging form of Anti-Semitism comes in the form of dismissiveness. Not caring what happens is the way hatred shows itself. The world says it wants a safe Israel, but somehow all the suggestions on stabilizing the Middle East focus on Israel doing most of the accommodating. It is always the Jews who have to give in so that Palestinians are accommodated.
When it comes to Jews, the double standard is alive and well. Check any Arab political website. Arabs say the most vile things about Jews, but most liberals simply ignore the statements? The only reason is Anti-Semitism. When Arabs declare their intention to “wipe out the Jews,” why do most liberals shrug their shoulders and feel, “It’s justified because of the suffering of the poor Palestinians.” The only answer is Anti-Semitism. If the English were to state their intention to wipe out the Irish, Americans would not act with dismissiveness, just as America inserted itself when Serbs were exterminating Bosnian Muslims.
But, Jews don’t matter; not really. Secretly, Western culture has taught us to feel Jews deserve what they get. After all, Jews killed Jesus, Jews drink blood, steal, are cheap, they get rich off of others, and Jews think they are smarter than everyone else. Jews run the banks, the media, and don’t forget Hollywood. Jews run the world! Jews deserve what they get. For a more complete recitation of blood libels against Jews, read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” In the great prophetic book, “Brave New World,“ the world has become totally subjugated under the all seeing eye of Big Brother – Goldstein, as Jewish a name as you will find. You can also go to any Arab web site for a complete narration of how Jews have kept Arab dreams from being achieved and that Jews deserve the decapitation that is to come. So much for the idea that Islam is a religion of peace.
Arab threats and actual retaliation is not taken seriously, despite Arabs promoting and carrying out terror in many countries. Somehow, liberals feel that Arabs will be reasonable, if only they get what they want. More double standards at work. What Arabs want, and they don’t hide it, is to kill all Jews. The US sides with Arabs, giving its continued protection by not allowing Israel to definitively stop their aggression, and thus proves its Anti-Semitism and its antipathy at the highest levels. US policy has shown its intention to have Israel mired in controversy, thus binding Israel to the US, while also keeping the Arabs on a tether.
In 1973, during the Yom Kipper War, Henry Kissinger, a foremost self-hating Jew, forced Israel into a cease fire when Israel was winning the war. With victorious Israeli armies on the outskirts of both Cairo and Damascus, with the 30,000 man Egyptian 3rd Army encircled and trapped, Kissinger told the Israeli ambassador that eliminating the Egyptians “is an option that does not exist.” Later, during Israel’s incursion into Lebanon, Nixon sent Kissinger to inform Begin that America would cause disastrous economic harm to Israel unless she let the surrounded10,000 murderous PLO terrorists leave unharmed - to fight another day, as they are. What “friend” would do such a thing? No friend ever would! This policy was American state Anti-Semitism at its worst.
When in history has a victorious nation been told to give back the land it won in war; especially its ancestral homeland? No other nation has been forced to stop short of victory because cease fires were forced upon her, by her “friends.” Only Israel has been told to do so, because Jews don’t count and Arabs will lose face.
Most do not know nor understand the depth of antipathy toward Israel in the halls of our State Department. There are 57 countries in the Organization of Islamic Conference, with 57 US ambassadorships, their accompanying staffs and lobbying arms. Let’s not forget about oil and the money and influence it buys in the UN, the halls of Congress, and with Madison Avenue.
The American press, substantial Jewish influence, is often openly hostile to Israel. The liberal press would shout at the top of its lungs if Israeli schools were teaching violence against Arabs in the same way Arab madrasas are teaching that all Jews must be killed? But, while Arab vulgarities are occasionally in the liberal press, we never see focused exposes, presented massively and repeatedly, as the left know to do so well.
The difference in cultures
Throughout its history, Israel has refused to deal with Arabs in the same manner that other victorious armies have always dealt with a defeated population. America, Britain, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Germany, etc. all have very ugly histories in their dealings as a colonial occupier. Yet, despite the continuing level of Arab bad behavior, Jews resoundingly did not vote for Rabbi Kahunas’ Kach political party whose platform centered on expelling Arabs from Israel. In fact, the Knesset expelled Rabbi Kahuna, an elected official, from Israel’s parliament, for holding and expressing racist beliefs. Show me where, in the entire Arab world, has there ever been an electoral expression against Anti-Semitism. This is a true example of “the clash of cultures.”
Anti-Semitism reigns in the liberal media as it denounces Israel’s attempts to stop terrorist infiltrators or to quell riots, and the liberal media dissects every action by Israeli police, while making heroes of Arabs bent on killing Jews. More double standards. And the worst of it is done by self-hating Jews, the most disappointing of all Anti-Semites.
Self-hating Jews wallow in self-delusion. Ostensibly appealing to a higher calling, Jewish attorneys are considered the backbone of those providing legal representation for the Guantanamo detainees, called by Donald Rumsfeld, the “worst of the worst” enemies to America and Jews. These Jewish lawyers are thought to be “the best” by the terrorists. Could you possibly envision scores of Arab lawyers fighting to represent Jews accused of terrorism - of course not. If any Arab was courageous enough to represent a Jew, they would be killed by other Arabs for treason, for collaborating with the enemy. But, such is the inferiority complex of Jews brought on by centuries of Anti-Semitism. The Gitmo Arab detainees laugh at their Jewish attorneys behind their back, and they should.
While Pax-Americana is in full military array, with cruise missiles killing innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, the double standard is again seen because America will not allow Israel to crush Hamas, even as Hamas launches hundreds of missiles into Israel, killing many. The reasoning is obvious, Jews are expendable.
If Mexico had killed a comparable number of Americans as Arabs have killed Israeli’s, then well over 200,000 US citizens would now be dead – over 200,000! That is the number of combat deaths America incurred in the entirety of the Civil War. Yet, America will not allow Israel to defend herself to end these killings. Worse, Israel gives in to this blatantly Anti-Semitic policy. Now America wants Israel to move to indefensible borders so that Arabs will feel good. America’s gain is Israel’s loss - but it’s only Jews.
Has it not occurred to you that Israel could have depopulated the West Bank of Arabs after the Six Day War, just like America moved all of the native Indian tribes onto reservations? Israel did not do so because that sort of callousness is not in Jewish culture. The alienation Jews have endured throughout history makes us try to accommodate, to reason, to assimilate, rather than to continue fighting or to intentionally cause hurt.
Examine the differences in culture. When Hamas or the Palestinian Authority discovers someone not in allegiance with them, they kill that person, and in a most gruesome and public manner. When Israel removed Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip; the Israeli settlers protested by tossing flowers at the soldiers. But the liberal, Anti-Semitic press virtually ignores Arab atrocities while blowing out of all proportion any Israeli attempt at self-protection. Thus, polls show, the press has been successful at changing the hearts and minds of a great number of Americans to be anti-Israel, and thus, more Anti-Semitic.
Stalin and Mao moved whole populations, at gun point; so did several American presidents. Taking the American example, Israel should move the Arabs across the Jordan River. Judea and Samaria are Jewish land, first conquered by Kings David and Solomon and again in 1967. To the victors go the spoils. Only Anti-Semites would deny Jews the fruits of hard fought victory.
To be Jewish is to be paranoid – and with good reason
Judaism was the first monotheistic religion. Jewish philosophy, exemplified by the Ten Commandments underpins all of Western Civilization. Christianity and Islam only became significant religions by conquest and then forced conversions upon the conquered upon the pain of severe punishment or death. Typical was the decapitation of heads, e.g. Nickolas Berg. If Judaism had pursued this barbaric practice of decapitating “non-believers”, then now we would all be Jews.
But Jews are not numerous, because Jews have never treated conversions in the same manner as Christians, and Jews certainly have never acted like Arabs. That Jews have small numbers and can’t fight back is a primary reason for Anti-Semitism. The strong have contempt for the weak. History would treat Jews much better had Jews acted with the same lack of humanity as exhibited in the Spanish Inquisition, the pogrom’s that flourished throughout Europe, or the Holocaust. The killing of Jews was justified; Anti-Semitism has been well ensconced.
Anti-Semitism is so well ensconced that Jews are not spoken of with a proper bifurcated label. A Catholic from France or Italy is a French-American or an Italian-American. A Muslim from Pakistan or Egypt is a Pakistani-American or an Egyptian-American. The religion is presumed. A Buddhist from Cambodia is a Cambodian-American. A Shinto from Japan is a Japanese-American. In all these cases, no mention of religion is made; no thought to religion is given. However, if referring to someone Jewish, no one thinks of him as a Hungarian-American, or describes him as a Polish-American; both of which are my heritage. Rather the description is, “He’s Jewish.” The “American” part is not even mentioned, as if the entire identity is the religion, which is exactly how Jews are thought of.
In point of fact, Anti-Semitism is so distinct and pervasive, Jews are known to be part of a religion but are more thought of as a separate race, in the same way people think of Gypsy’s. When Jews are spoken of in the context of being a group, I have seen people sneer a bit and body language goes into an aggressive posture. People give each other knowing looks. No words need be spoken; all understand.
Sometimes Jews themselves are the worst enemies of the Jewish people. The saddest are those self-hating Jews who fall into line with other liberals and do the bidding of Anti-Semites, feeling that they will be accepted and not seen as Jewish. But within the Jewish soul is a spiritual longing. This spiritual need shows itself in the many people and organizations who search for some undefined "social justice" and this becomes their identity. They misuse Judaism to suit their secular agenda. These misguided, self-hating Jewish souls demand Israel make concessions "for peace," thus confirming their leftist credentials. To these misguided souls, Arab atrocities are always in reaction to a Jewish provocation.

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