Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TSA Responds To Viral Screaming Woman Video

The TSA has responded to the release of a video that went viral last week showing a woman becoming very upset and screaming for help after being touched on her breasts by TSA agents in Phoenix.
The video, shot by the woman’s son Ryan Miklus, also featured constant threats from TSA agents falsely claiming he was breaking the law by filming the ordeal.
The agents also threatened to confiscate Mr Miklus’ luggage, even though he had been through the screening process.

Last week, Matt Drudge picked up our report on the incident, and linked it on the Drudge Report, sending it viral and making it the second most read news article on the internet last Thursday (June 2).
This exposure has forced the TSA to respond to the incident on it’s official blog.
The notorious “Blogger Bob” writes:
TSA takes all allegations of improper screening seriously and investigates each claim to the fullest. After reviewing this passenger’s time at the checkpoint, we found that our security officers acted properly and neither the CCTV footage nor this YouTube video support any of the allegations levied. Real violations of our protocols are worth every ounce of our energy to investigate, but this alleged incident does not meet that threshold.
This incident has also raised many questions about whether or not passengers can film at checkpoints. This topic is currently under review, but you can read this blog post on our current policy for photography at checkpoints.
The blog post the TSA links to explains that there is no law to prevent people from filming at TSA checkpoints, provided you are not interfering with the screening process. As Mr Miklus’ video clearly shows, he is standing away from the agents and is not impeding the TSA agents at all.
The TSA official Blog, manned by “Blogger Bob”, has been consistently used by the agency to issue misleading and outright false information in an effort to legitimize the unconstitutional actions of the TSA.

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