Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take A Cruze

The falling dollar and President Barack Obama’s foolish energy policies — restricting domestic oil drilling both on shore and off and using the tax code to drive his “green” agenda — have forced up the price of a gallon of gas.
Higher gas prices — up 52 percent over the past 20 months, according to the National Inflation Association — are costing families a couple of hundred dollars more each month. That’s not what people need in these difficult economic times.
But higher gas prices are the goal of the fascist elites, who believe they have a better idea than you of how you should live your life.
General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson told The Detroit News Monday that Federal gas taxes should be increased as much as $1 per gallon to push people toward more fuel-efficient cars. That’s a call Akerson’s predecessor, Rick Wagoner, made in 2009. Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford Jr. has also advocated for a gas tax increase.
“People will start buying more Cruzes and they will start buying less (sic) Suburbans,” Akerson told The News.
Of course, you won’t find Akerson, Wagoner or Ford tooling around town in small, fuel-efficient cars. Nor will you find many members of Congress driving Cruzes or Focuses. But they are not ashamed to set fuel-efficiency standards increasingly — maybe even unrealistically — high. For the years 2017 to 2025, Federal officials are considering 3 percent to 6 percent annual fuel-efficiency increases, or 47 mpg to 62 mpg, according to The News. Those standards will increase the cost of vehicles by about $3,500 each. Higher fuel standards have also led to the needless deaths of thousands of people as automakers have sought lighter materials to increase efficiency.
And just think: Akerson, who took over GM on Sept. 1, is telling you he wants you to pay more taxes while he gets paid from the $49.5 billion the government used to bail out his failed company. For four months’ work in 2010, Akerson was paid $2.53 million — $556,667 in salary, $1.8 million in stock awards and $194,088 for serving on the company’s board for a full year — as part of a $9 million compensation package that includes an annual $1.7 million in cash, $5.3 million in salary stock delivered over three years starting on Sept. 30, 2011, as well as $2 million in restricted stock, according to news reports.
Of course, this is nothing new. Government has long used its power to force its agenda on people. Whether it’s tax subsidies for failed fuel additives like ethanol, subsidies to farmers to grow — or not grow — certain crops or livestock, tax incentives to drive people into certain behaviors or laws banning light bulbs or dictating the amount of water toilets use, government has injected itself into every aspect of our lives.
The result: inflation, rising prices, higher unemployment, a growing empire and a shrinking middle class. Meanwhile, the elites are fat and happy… and looking for more ways to stick it to you.

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