Friday, June 17, 2011

Now vs. Then

Grassroots effort to build Robocop statue in Detroit proves, yet again, what individuals can do to rattle elected officials if they just employ their creativity (and get off their couches, put down their Pepsi)

Here’s an absurd attempt to build a Robocop statue in the ruined city of Detroit.
It’s absurd because Detroit is imploding, much like the house at the end of Poltergeist, being sucked into oblivion by the rot, corruption, and concerted impact of decades of solid Democrat and union control.  This is not a city that needs a new statue of anything.  It is a city that needs an enema that would clean every elected office of Democrats and replace them with people willing and able to make the tough fiscal choices that would salvage as much of Detroit as possible.  Since realistically we all know voters won’t ever deliver said enema because of the Democrats’ identity-and-race voter gerrymandering, Detroit as a civic entity is just DOOMED.
The Robocop movies were set in a futuristic Detroit that collapsed upon itself in rot and corruption, salvaged only by the privatization into a megacorporation-controlled police state with a cyborg crime-fighter at the forefront of law enforcement efforts.
While the City has no money to erect a Robocop statue, and private efforts to do so will most likely fail (as these grassroots efforts often do), it’s interesting pressure to put on the Mayor of Detroit and the other fools in charge of that city…because reminding people of Robocop is a very smart and creative guerilla political tactic.
It’s jarring people’s memories back to those Robocop movies, and the dystopian future they predicted for this falling-down-upon-itself city…a prediction that CAME TRUE.
Detroit, in real life, really does need a Robocop.
There’s now a grassroots effort to build a Robocop (statue) for Detroit.
The fumblers and bumblers in elected office in Detroit are in fact worse than their cinematic counterparts in the Robocop movies, because in truth there’s nothing left that can be done to save Detroit from a fate worse than the city suffered in those movies.
And all of this started because someone had a creative idea, took to Twitter and Facebook with it, and it’s catching on.

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