Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Consequences of Global Ruling Class policies: more unintended than intended

On June 3, the BBC broadcast a report on how fishermen were forced to throw back perfectly good caught fish dead into the sea. The report failed to mention that EU regulations were the root cause of this wastefulness.

Precisely because of such media blackous, we need to be reminded that the Western elites are wasteful and harmful to the poor and disadavantaged, whether intentionally or out of sheer stupidity, despite their avowed "environmentally friendly" and "Third World friendly" policies, which almost never seem to achieve the purported goals.

I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, that the treaty between the EU and Panama, for example, had 2 adverse effects, one on the environment and the other for the poor in the Third World:

1 — The day after the treaty was signed, the price of fish, the number one protein staple in Panama, doubled, converting this staple into a luxury item that many Panamanians can now eat only on special occasions.

2 — The transport of the fish to Europe is by air, which translates into several times as much CO2 emissions as shipments by sea.

As we read in the report linked above, before this treaty went into effect, the EU had implemented a fishing policy for Europe that also had disastrous effects on the environment there and on European fish prices, which indirectly led to treaties between the EU and the Third World related to fish and seafood trade.

In drafting, issuing and enforcing such regulation, the EU has followed the guidelines of UN Agenda 21, which purportedly is aimed at reducing pollution and especially CO2 emissions, and at helping the poor and middle class in Third World countries. Agenda 21 was attributed largely to the efforts of Maurice Strong, who was then Under-Secretary General of the UN.

The above-outlined unintended consequences of the Panama treaty are being repeated all over the Third World and reflect the total inability of out-of-touch spoiled billionaire white men like Maurice Strong, and his American counterpart George Soros, to intervene meaningfully and positively in the affairs of ordinary people with ordinary problems of survival and supporting families.

These results also reflect the inability of government (whether supranational or other) to control systems like the world economy, which, though not perfect, worked fairly well before all of this meddling by global governance aficionados with too much time on their hands.

The more they meddled, the worse the economy became, until today we stand on the brink of a collapsing dollar, a collapsing euro, historical high unemployment and staggering debt that threatens whole generations to come.

Unintended consequences?

Or mission accomplished?

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